Relief funding for Zambian entrepreneurs
Prospero Debt Facility Limited

Businesses and business owners in Zambia and across the world are facing unprecedented economic challenges brought about by Covid-19. Most small and medium businesses are facing a significant decline in revenue, which means they cannot meet their financial obligations. Financial support during this crucial period can make the difference between a company staying afloat or closing permanently.

Thanks to Prospero, small and medium businesses in Zambia now have a lifeline.

We are offering concessional funding to qualifying small and medium businesses who have experienced hardship under the current Covid-19 pandemic and other economic headwinds. The five-year facility will support businesses with a combination of capital, and grant-funded Technical Assistance, to help them navigate the crisis.

Business Partners International Zambia Limited, which has been actively supporting and funding SMEs in Zambia since 2014, has been selected as Investment Advisor for the Prospero Debt Facility on behalf of Prospero Zambia.


To qualify for financial aid, the business must:

  • Be formally registered;
  • Provide evidence of financial viability prior to the Covid-19 outbreak; and
  • Be both tax and regulatory compliant.

We offer financial aid in the form of a secured interest-bearing loan of up to ZMK 1 million and coupled with a technical assistance grant of up to ZMK 100, 000 per qualifying business.

It will be structured over 60 months under the following favourable terms:

  • No repayment obligations for 6 months.
  • No interest to be incurred or raised for 6 months.
  • Variable interest to be raised from month 7, currently at 17.5%, but subject to market conditions at the lender’s discretion.
  • Repayment of the loan to commence from month 7.

The objective of the initiative is to provide cash flow relief to qualifying companies, and sole proprietors. The money can be used to cover payroll, rental, and other monthly operating overheads as well as a small component for working capital.

Yes. We are offering a grant of up to ZMK 100, 000 to be coupled with a secured interest-bearing loan for formal companies, and sole proprietors.

This grant is provided at Prospero’s discretion and can be used only to provide technical assistance support for underlying business weaknesses.

Yes, you can – each business will be assessed on its own merit. However, priority will be on supporting as many business owners as possible.

• Completed application form (DOWNLOAD FORM).
• Annual Financial statements for the financial period ended December 2020, signed off by a professional accountant.
• Management accounts from the period 01 January 2020 until 31 March 2021.
• The latest available PAYE return submitted to ZRA, not older than 3 months, including schedules.
• Bank statements from January 2020 until the application date.
• Motivation and supporting documentation clearly illustrating the financial distress suffered by the SME as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.
• Statement of assets and liability for the main business owner.
• Copies of Identity Documents of all directors, shareholders, members and trustees, as applicable.
• Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
• Copy of Articles of Association.
• Copy of Certificate of Share Capital and Tax Clearance Certificate
• Proof of Banking Details.
• Personal balance sheets of all shareholders with a shareholding of 20%.
• A copy of the Lease Rental Statement.
• Loan statements since January 2020 (if you have other loan facilities).
• Copy of the proposed security’s title deed and pictures.

Applications will only be processed if all the required documentation is submitted in full (application form with supporting documents). Once completed, please access our online application portal to submit the completed documents. The links to the Application portal and Application form are available below.

Once submitted, a member of our team will be in contact to guide you through the process.

Should you have any queries please reach out to our Business Partners International Zambia office at:

Application Form