SME Finance Solution


The core of our focus is providing you with finance for your formal business. We structure unique, individualised financing solutions using shareholder loans, equity, royalties and term loans – or any combination of these. We pride ourselves on having developed a range of finance products offering maximum flexibility to suit your specific needs.

Business Finance

We provide business finance ranging from R500 000 to R50 million to established entrepreneurs with a viable formal business. Finance can be used for expansion, working capital, equipment, takeovers, property, franchises, property finance for owner occupied businesses, revamps, or management buy-outs.

  • We only finance viable formally registered small and medium enterprises.
  • We only provide finance between R500 000 and R50 million.
  • Each application is considered on its merits and on the potential profitability of the business.

See below for a list of businesses we do not finance.

  1. Our first assessment is based on the cash flow viability and potential of the business, the product/service and its market acceptability, market size, the gearing of the business – debt to capital ratio of the business which influences its ability to exist and grow, the business’ track record, the stage of its development and medium to long-term profit potential, technical aspects, location of the business. This makes us different from most traditional financiers, particularly banks, who focus on security (the extent of the owner’s equity and collateral).
  2. Our next assessment is on the entrepreneur – we evaluate their technical and management skills and experience, credit worthiness, their business acumen – their ability to run a successful business on sound business principles and their personal principles such as integrity, drive and vision.
  1. We negotiate pricing and repayment terms with you.
  2. We structure personalised business finance solutions.
  3. We negotiate and agree on the pricing of the business loan during the initial financing discussions.
  4. We negotiate and agree on the repayment period during the initial financing discussions.
  5. The usual repayment period is between three to five years.
We do not finance on-lending activities, direct farming operations, underground mining, informal and micro enterprises and non-profit organisations.
5 years on average.
R500 000 to R50 million.
There is no minimum set for own contribution however, the gearing and other factors that affect the viability of a transaction are be taken into consideration.
Completed application.
Business plan.
Annual financial statements.
Up to date management accounts.
Cash flow forecast.
CV of business owner/s.

If you are an established entrepreneur, apply today to obtain finance tailored to your individual requirements.

We Finance Established Entrepreneurs

Because we understand the challenges business owners face, we take more risk and finance more established entrepreneurs than most financiers.