Goldmine of business insight available to all SA entrepreneurs

While South Africans are encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship as a career choice, many aren’t always equipped with the information and resources to start a business or are very wary of starting their entrepreneurial journey unprepared for the future challenges they may face. To bridge this gap and to supply both budding and experienced entrepreneurs with advice and assistance, Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS) has the Entrepreneurs Growth Centre.

Through financing small and medium enterprises over 40 years, BUSINESS/PARTNERS has built up an immense store of knowledge and skills invaluable to any business. It has now found a way of giving South African entrepreneurs quick and free access to this gold mine of information and insight.

Any person, anywhere in South Africa, is able to contact BUSINESS/PARTNERS’ Entrepreneurs Growth Centre to discuss any queries they have about business – “How do I register for VAT? How do I fire a disruptive employee without running into trouble at the CCMA? Is my pricing right? How do I get into exporting? Am I paying too much for my credit card merchant service? Should I buy this building, or go on renting it? Is my business plan any good?”

Assistance from the BUSINESS/PARTNERS’ Entrepreneurs Growth Centre is free of charge and entrepreneurs are able to get in touch via telephone or email.

To reach the Entrepreneurs Growth Centre, please call 0861 763 346 (0861 SME FIN), or email