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 2015 to 2016 Rwanda print campaign - general finance


 Providing businesses with the finance and know-how to flourish.

As a business owner, your goals for expanding your business are to create wealth for yourself, grow the economy and create sustainable jobs. We offer you tailored financial solutions to help you realise these goals.

​​​BUSINESS/PARTNERS offers acquisition, expansion and commercial property finance and franchising capital ranging from US$50 000 to US$ 1 million, paid out in local currency, plus technical assistance to ensure your business flourishes. Come to BUSINESS/PARTNERS, home of the square pegs*.

* noun: The exceptional few who see the world not for what it is, but for what it could be.




Events management business on forefront of nation’s emergence’s-emergenceEvents management business on forefront of nation’s emergence
The first stitch towards success first stitch towards success
Entrepreneurs urged to prioritise cash-flow urged to prioritise cash-flow
Are you pitching your business short? you pitching your business short?

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