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Property Joint Venture Fund

For entrepreneurs looking to add a property component to their investment portfolio, multi-tenanted properties are attractive and viable options, as they provide both capital appreciation and a rental income.

​We co-invest in multi-tenanted property projects mainly in two instances. Firstly, when a potential investor is unable or unwilling to invest the full deposit (equity) required by a commercial lending institution. Secondly, where a viable property investment has been over-geared and needs a restructuring of the existing debt, converting debt finance to equity finance.


Finance will be considered for:

  • Property investments in sustainable areas offering good growth and/or return on investment, preferably in metropolitan areas;
  • Retail, industrial, and commercial multi-tenanted properties with a value of between R2 million and R120 million;
  • Properties that require reconfiguration or upgrades;
  • Cut-up-and-sell properties;
  • Industrial leasebacks. 

The prospective property investor may choose to either have an active role or be a passive investor.

Residential properties, agricultural properties, and mines are excluded.


Financing period:

Ideally up to 10 years.

Minimum and maximum loan amount:

R500 000 to R30 million.

Own contribution requirements:

A proportionate share of the equity will be required and will influence the shareholding percentage.

Required documents for application:

Details of the property and supporting documentation.
The entrepreneurs’ latest personal assets and liabilities.

Want to know more about our financing criteria? Click here for our Property Joint Venture FAQ.