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Plucky entrepreneurs not scared of steep learning curves growth centre/Success-Stories/plucky-entrepreneurs-not-scared-of-steep-learning-curvesPlucky entrepreneurs not scared of steep learning curvesWith nothing more than a laptop, a website and lots of chutzpah, Wouter and Tammy du Plessis managed to land a R1.6m contract for the supply of tents, launching their fledgling events management company into business success.2017-05-30 10:00:00 PM
Lifestyle change leads to incredible journey growth centre/Success-Stories/lifestyle-change-leads-to-incredible-journeyLifestyle change leads to incredible journeyIt has been ten years, almost to the day, since Leisel Petrie opened her day-care centre in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, with one child and one teacher. Today, her Incredible Kids Day Care has grown into a fully-fledged preschool with 220 children and 40 staff members.2017-05-29 10:00:00 PM
Franchise synergy forged in baptism of fire synergy forged in baptism of fireLike any human relationship, the one between franchisor and franchisee can be fraught with personality clashes and conflicts of interest, but when it works, it is capable of huge business boosting power.2017-04-28 10:00:00 PM
Love of pioneering drives busy entrepreneur of pioneering drives busy entrepreneurIt is not unusual for entrepreneurs to have somewhat varied careers, mostly starting off as an employee in the business world somewhere before launching a business or two of their own. But very few entrepreneurs show such a remarkable ability to move in and out of corporate employment, academia and entrepreneurship as JW Swanepoel.2017-04-28 10:00:00 PM
Entrepreneur engineers his freedom from the shackles of an office engineers his freedom from the shackles of an officeMany business owners measure their success by the size of their workforce or square-meterage of their shop floors. None of these yardsticks are important to Francois Mouton, a 59-year-old industrial property developer who runs a multi-million rand business without a single employee, not even a secretary.2017-03-26 10:00:00 PM
Dream comes true as restaurant gets off to a flying start comes true as restaurant gets off to a flying startTo the millions of visitors to the Cape Town Waterfront, the Marina Vista restaurant is a new reason to keep coming back – breath-taking views, a joyful, relaxed atmosphere and a sense of accessible luxury.2017-02-23 10:00:00 PM
Local manufacturer points the way to world-class opportunities manufacturer points the way to world-class opportunitiesAnyone in doubt about South Africa’s potential for economic growth and world-class business opportunities needs to look no further than what Martin Gassner has managed to achieve with two small plastic-injection-moulding companies in Cape Town.2017-02-23 10:00:00 PM
You've got to rest to keep going, says round-the-clock entrepreneur've got to rest to keep going, says round-the-clock entrepreneurJaap de Bruyn finds himself in one of those relentless round-the-clock industries in which it seems impossible to take a holiday, yet he is adamant that every person in his 700-strong workforce, including himself, needs to take their annual leave – not because the law says so, but because it is a crucial part of keeping fit for business.2017-01-26 10:00:00 PM
Earning a degree in property entrepreneurship a degree in property entrepreneurshipMany entrepreneurs are well known for dropping out of whatever university their hopeful parents had enrolled them, but what is often underplayed in the recounting of their stories is that they take learning very seriously, and undergo intense learning courses of their own making.2016-12-13 10:00:00 PM
Entrepreneurial traits breed success, but it's not always easy traits breed success, but it's not always easyOne of the reasons why the life of an entrepreneur is so hard is that the character traits that make them successful can also be difficult to live with. An important part of Xolisile Nkosi’s success as an entrepreneur is that her driven and contrarian impulses make her very quick to act, but they have also given her a whole archive full of quirky stories from her business career.2016-12-13 10:00:00 PM
Epic fight to save business from crisis succeeds fight to save business from crisis succeedsThe markings of entrepreneurial ingenuity are often portrayed as the size of the empire built, the amount of profit generated or the number of businesses started. In contrast, an often unrecognised sign of business prowess is an entrepreneur';s ability to overcome a calamity that would take down any lesser business owner.2016-11-24 10:00:00 PM
Inspiring journey to business success journey to business successEven dreaming about becoming an  entrepreneur was too much of a luxury for Christian Shabalala as he grew up in  the grinding poverty of the rural outskirts of Ladysmith. Every day as he  walked the many dusty kilometres back home from the farm school, gathering the  family's few cows along the way, his most audacious dream was of having a job  as an agricultural adviser one day. Dreaming of actually having a farm was just  too far out of reach.2016-11-24 10:00:00 PM
Start-up risks countered with research and planning risks countered with research and planningAfter a lifetime's worth of intense organisational and managerial experience, you would think that starting a straight-forward lifestyle-type enterprise would be breeze. It certainly is not, says Willie Naude, 59-year-old owner of Big Sky Cottages, a brand-new mountain resort with ten self-catering chalets near Wolseley in the Western Cape.2016-10-26 10:00:00 PM
The rewards of giving back through mentorship rewards of giving back through mentorshipRoy Lailvaux's career is a strong argument that every successful business owner should consider becoming a mentor to beginner business owners – not necessarily some time after their retirement, but even while they run their own businesses.2016-10-26 10:00:00 PM
Trailblazing success built on ferocious determination, support networks success built on ferocious determination, support networksIt is highly unusual to find someone who ventures into business for the first time in her late sixties, especially if it entails starting entirely from scratch and turning a derelict plot into an idyllic guest house.2016-09-28 10:00:00 PM
Bringing the world to South Africa the world to South AfricaIn an unforgiving tourist mecca like Cape Town it takes some doing to establish a restaurant so popular that the queue for a table sometimes stretches out into the street. For restaurateur Johnny van der Westhuizen, co-owner of Manna Epicure in the city centre, it has been a long journey of international exploration and passion.2016-09-26 10:00:00 PM
Testament to entrepreneur's ability to adapt, grow to entrepreneur's ability to adapt, growIn her first business plan for her tourist accommodation company, Nocwaka Mazaleni envisioned a small upmarket boutique hotel in Cape Town with 60 rooms in the African fusion style which she became known for as a fashion designer.2016-09-26 10:00:00 PM
Building on a rich legacy of caring entrepreneurship on a rich legacy of caring entrepreneurshipGiven the fact that the legal and cultural suppression of women in business has only recently started lifting, South Africa has a surprisingly deep tradition of female entrepreneurship. And if the story of Kgomotso Shiluvane is anything to go by, it is a tradition that combines business success with social consciousness and care.2016-08-28 10:00:00 PM
Ace entrepreneur pulls through after hair-raising start entrepreneur pulls through after hair-raising startTen years ago Troy Carelse was going through an agonising wait. He had resigned from his high-powered corporate job, he had a mortgage to pay and two sons to put through university, and his financial survival depended on the success of his application for finance to start a factory from scratch.2016-07-27 10:00:00 PM
Difficult but exhilarating journey from employee to entrepreneur but exhilarating journey from employee to entrepreneurWhen rumours of retrenchments start circulating in a corporate environment, they herald some of the worst times in many people's lives, but for three engineering colleagues working at the South African subsidiary of an international electronics firm, it turned out to be the start of one of the most exciting periods in their lives.2016-07-27 10:00:00 PM
Business plan competition lights fire in entrepreneur plan competition lights fire in entrepreneurIn many ways, Mosha Senyolo is an ideal candidate for entrepreneurship: she is young, technically well qualified, she has a burning desire to break the bonds of sexism and prove her worth as a pioneering professional, and she has a strong vision of the kind of business that she wants to build. But, until recently, there was one missing ingredient – impetus.2016-06-26 10:00:00 PM
Unschooled child labourer rises to build thriving education business child labourer rises to build thriving education businessAt the age of 13, Delia Cupido was taken out of school to work in a meat factory, a blow that would condemn most people to a life of semi-literate poverty. Cupido, however, has not only managed to recoup the education that was denied her, but today the successful 55-year-old business woman runs a thriving group of schools in Cape Town.2016-06-26 10:00:00 PM
How failure taught me to lose my fear failure taught me to lose my fearThe life of a serial entrepreneur does not necessarily get easier with age and experience, says Gary Down, 57-year-old Durban-based business man, reflecting on his career of doing a bit of everything since the age of 24. It's still pain and suffering, he laughs. ;But you know what I think it is? You lose your fear of failure.2016-05-26 10:00:00 PM
Self-storage on steroids a boost for entrepreneurship on steroids a boost for entrepreneurshipSelf-storage2016-05-26 10:00:00 PM
What an advisor learned by running a new business himself an advisor learned by running a new business himselfAndre Naude';s drastic move to sell his financial brokerage after running it for 33 years had all the hallmarks of a mid-life crisis, but instead of buying a red sports car, he bought two filling stations.2016-04-25 10:00:00 PM