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 Opportunity: service provider to procure, manufacture and install/erect storage tanks


 Deadline for RSVPs is 29 November 2016

Since inception, Business Partners Limited’s (BUSINESS/PARTNERS) driving intent has been to foster and entrench a culture of entrepreneurship amongst all South Africans. This remains true today.  As such, we are always looking for opportunities that can benefit entrepreneurs.

​​​​One such opportunity comes in the form of an agreement BUSINESS/PARTNERS has entered into with General Electric in association with Aurik Business Accelerator, which from time to time, offers business opportunities to qualifying small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

General Electric, a global player in the engineering sector, is looking to appoint a 51% black-owned service provider to Procure, Manufacture and Install/Erect Storage Tanks. The service is required within the Gauteng region for a period of two to three years. Please note that white-owned businesses who are undergoing the process of transformation are welcome to attend as well. 

Interested? Attend the briefing for a detailed insight into this business opportunity.  For date, time and venue information, click to RSVP on the link below by no later than 29 November 2016 afternoon:

Remember – if this opportunity is not for you, kindly forward it to someone who can use the break!




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