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Additional resources

To assist with your entrepreneurial journey, we have created a list of useful links to chambers, networks, alternative sources of funding, and other entrepreneurship focused websites.


Small business financiers directory

SME Toolkit SA

Government Incentives for SMEs

SME Toolkit SA


The Business Generator – an AHI initiative

National Small Business Chamber

SAVCA (SA Venture Capital and Private Equity Association)


Businesswomen’s Association SA

Black Business Women’s Association

Business Engage

South African Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN)

Technology for Women in Business (TWIB)

Women in Business (WIB)

International Women’s Forum South Africa

Leading Women of Africa


Small Business Incubators and Support Services

SME Toolkit SA

Entrepreneurship Learning Institutions

SME Toolkit SA
Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship and Career guide for business professionals


Franchise Association of SA (FASA)

Franchising Plus

Franchize Directions


Entrepreneur Magazine

Your Business

SME South Africa


Portfolio Property Investments


Gauteng Tourism Authority