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Graduate Internship Programme

Just the fact that you're reading this means that you've already taken your first step towards securing your career in small and medium enterprise (SME) finance.

​We're a specialist risk finance company that provides customised financial solutions, sectoral knowledge, mentorship, business premises and other added-value services for formal SMEs in South Africa and selected African countries. We are looking for recently qualified graduates from multiple disciplines to join our world.

We're passionate about funding, supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs, or as we like to call them, the square pegs in a sea of round holes. If you are too, and see yourself as a square peg, the BUSINESS/PARTNERS Graduate Internship Programme could be for you.

We look for highly motivated and talented graduates who want to follow, and achieve success in, SME finance.

​About the programme

  • The objective of the BUSINESS/PARTNERS Graduate Internship Programme is to bridge the gap between academic study and workplace requirements;
  • It offers young, recently qualified, people with potential to gain practical work experience and skills in the world of SME finance;
  • The programme has been developed to offer structured training programmes that are relevant to small and medium business and finance sectors;
  • To prepare interns who complete the programme for full time employment and give their career in SME finance a head-start;
  • Each intern works with a dedicated coach who offers both soft skills training and practical on the job training;
  • Successful interns receive a certificate of completion as well and a reference letter from the company.

The programme offers a comprehensive training plan, with modules on business, business finance, and soft skills modules. A few of the modules include:

  • Orientation to the business: the SME world and entrepreneurship.
  • Business and business finance: financing programmes for SMEs, financial models, legal, advanced taxation, deal generation.
  • Interpersonal modules: assertiveness, emotional intelligence, negotiating skills, diversity, corporate citizenship, and stress management, customer service, presentation skills, and report writing.

We are looking for highly motivated and talented graduates who want to follow, and achieve success in, a career path in SME finance for the BUSINESS/PARTNERS Graduate Internship Programme.

  • Recently qualified graduates who hold a business related degree with sound academic results;
  • South African citizens;
  • Individuals with potential, who are hardworking, focused and driven;
  • Candidates who would like to expand on their theoretical qualifications with practical experience;
  • Those who have a passion for entrepreneurship and SME finance;
  • Preference will be given to those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

If you are a highly motivated and talented graduate who wants to follow, and achieve success in, a career path in SME finance, please visit our Apply for a position page and register or login.