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The BUSINESS/PARTNERS Client Service Charter

We always strive to delight our clients with exceptional service.

Our Charter is our promise to you, our client, that we will always serve you in a manner that is:

  • Professional: Our interactions with you will always be courteous, friendly and respectful. We conduct our business with integrity. We shall ensure that our people have both the general and industry-specific knowledge to understand your requirements.

  • Confidential: We value the personal and business information which you share with us. We shall guard the confidentiality and privacy of your information at all times.

  • Responsive: We shall promptly respond to all your requests for information and service. We undertake to provide you with an in-principle response to your application for any of our business services within seven business days. We shall regularly inform you about the status of and progress on your application.

  • Innovative: We shall regularly update, improve and expand our business systems and processes to ensure the continuous improvement in your service experience.

Compliments and complaints:

We value all compliments. Should we fail to deliver on our service promises, we commit ourselves to always correct the situation and to resolve all complaints fairly and timeously. You can file a complaint by:

We will contact you by telephone within two working days to confirm the details of the complaint. The complaint will be documented and due process will be followed to resolve it.

Thank you for considering BUSINESS/PARTNERS as your business's financing and support provider. We look forward to being of service to you, and to building a successful enterprise together.