Our Application

Application Steps

We aim to be as quick as possible in giving you a response to your application. You can expect to undergo the following steps in your application process:

Step 1

You complete our application assessment online.

Step 2

We conduct an initial assessment and provide you with an in-principle response.

Step 3

If your application meets the minimum requirements, we invite you to complete our finance application.

Step 4

We conduct due diligence. This process may involve you submitting additional documents e.g. business permits or municipal rates clearance certificate.

Step 5

We structure the financing terms including pricing and negotiate with you. Once we reach an agreement, we obtain approval from internal approval committees.

Step 6

We provide you with feedback regarding your approval. If your application has our investment committee’s approval, we prepare legal documentation for signature.

Step 7

We disburse funds to you according to agreed terms.

Step 8

You repay the loan according to agreed terms.