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New Year resolutions checklist for entrepreneurs Year resolutions checklist for entrepreneursThe beginning of a year is infamous for all types of aspirational New Year’s resolutions. However, the number of gym routines and diets that are abandoned by the first week of February are enough to make anyone cynical about these resolutions.2018/02/04 10:00:00 PM
Year planning too important to end up in the bottom drawer planning too important to end up in the bottom drawerIn the current slow-growth economic conditions, business owners are either going to win market share, or have market share taken away from them, says Jeremy Lang, regional general manager at Business Partners Limited.2018/02/04 10:00:00 PM
Nine tips for handling the seasonality of your business cycle tips for handling the seasonality of your business cycleVery few industries are immune to the ups and downs of annual fluctuations, and most entrepreneurs have experienced the dread of a silent telephone or empty inbox as the lean season kicks in.2017/09/28 10:00:00 PM
Ten tips for increasing diversity in your workplace tips for increasing diversity in your workplaceWhen businesses start up, they are often small, tightly-knit groups of pioneers that come from the same background, even from the same family. This works very well in the early survival stages of a venture, but as soon as the business reaches a more stable post-survival growth phase, the founders have the opportunity to look around a bit more widely, and to diversify their workforce. 2017/08/29 10:00:00 PM
Fifteen essential tips for starting your own business essential tips for starting your own businessPetro Bothma has seen many start-ups come and go during her three decades at Business Partners Limited, most recently as head of enterprise development and non-financial support. She compiled the following essential tips for anyone thinking about starting their own business:2017/06/29 10:00:00 PM
Pitching your idea to potential funders your idea to potential fundersBefore you approach the bank or other form of financier to fund your start-up or business expansion, you need to be sure that you've done your research and have confidence in your Business Plan.2017/04/02 10:00:00 PM
Ten ways to improve your planning for the year ahead ways to improve your planning for the year aheadEach entrepreneur has his or her own style of planning, but not all of them are equally good at it. Anton Roelofse, regional general manager of Business Partners Limited, believes entrepreneurs can and should constantly try to improve their planning process. Here are ten ways in which to become better at planning for the year ahead:2017/02/23 10:00:00 PM
Ten ways to hone your delegating skills ways to hone your delegating skillsThe ability to delegate is as crucial to business owners as planning, selling and prioritisation skills. Without it, the business will always remain in the realm of the freelancer – small, stagnant and wholly dependent on one person, says Gugu Mjadu, executive general manager of marketing at Business Partners Limited. She offers ten tips on how business owners can hone their delegation skills2016/12/13 10:00:00 PM
Becoming a mentor a mentorIf you are a veteran in the SME sector, are running a very successful business or just feel you have something to offer a budding entrepreneur, you may consider becoming a mentor. Let's look at the characteristics of a good business mentor2016/11/15 10:00:00 PM
Ten ways to counter dead-season anxiety ways to counter dead-season anxietyIt is not surprising that many business owners in seasonal industries such as tourism call the quiet months of the year the dead season. There are many reasons why they often view it with dead revenue dries up, staff whittle away and expensive business assets stand idle.2016/09/26 10:00:00 PM
Thinking of becoming a mom entrepreneur? of becoming a mom entrepreneur?Many mothers are hesitant to become entrepreneurs because they are afraid of the many risks involved and that it will do their family life more harm than good. These are valid concerns, but there are also good reasons for why starting a business may do exactly the opposite.2016/08/23 10:00:00 PM
Ten start-up pitfalls, and how young entrepreneurs can avoid them start-up pitfalls, and how young entrepreneurs can avoid themStarting and growing your own business is potentially an immensely enriching career path for a young person to choose, not only financially, but also mentally and socially. While entrepreneurship is an exciting career, entrepreneurs, particularly the youth, also need to be aware that it is a difficult path.2016/06/26 10:00:00 PM
Six ways for businesses to become pillars of the community ways for businesses to become pillars of the communityMany businesses make a point of giving, from sponsoring sports gear to donating goods to a nearby charity. By helping out in this way, the thinking goes, the business fosters goodwill and loyalty in the community.2016/02/23 10:00:00 PM
What makes entrepreneurs go the distance? makes entrepreneurs go the distance?Building your own business is not a sprint, but a marathon, with hills, headwinds, heat and dust. Those who succeed are not necessarily the fastest or the strongest. The successful ones are those who are able to endure.2016/01/28 10:00:00 PM
Ten rules for entrepreneurs to live by rules for entrepreneurs to live byThe life of an entrepreneur is different from those that are employed in a 9-to-5 job in many ways – one of which is the extra challenges and stress entrepreneurs experience with managing and being solely responsible for their own business.2015/12/06 10:00:00 PM
The ten rules that entrepreneurs live by ten rules that entrepreneurs live byThe life of an entrepreneur is different from that of ordinary people in many ways, and one of the main ways in which it differs is that it is more challenging. This is mainly because the entrepreneur sees the world not as it is, but as it can be, and then sets about changing it, says David Morobe, BUSINESS/PARTNERS regional general manager.2015/10/21 10:00:00 PM
Some pointers on getting into business pointers on getting into businessTwo of the major reasons why businesses are failing are because of the recession or a new competitor entering the market. Unfortunately, in small business success is based how the enterprise is managed, and that means it’s all about the entrepreneur. But, does this mean that when a business fails, the entrepreneur is incompetent? Not necessarily.2015/09/17 10:00:00 PM
#AskBusinessPartners live Q&A session July 2015 live Q&A session July 2015Questions and answers discussed in the live Business Partners Twitterview held on Wednesday, 29 July 20152015/08/10 10:00:00 PM
Ten ways to hook investors onto your big idea ways to hook investors onto your big ideaA great many excellent business ideas never get past the spreadsheet stage and into the real world simply because entrepreneurs fail to connect to the people with enough money and risk appetite to help them implement them.2015/06/29 10:00:00 PM
Power of successful networking of successful networkingMany entrepreneurs are highly skilled, technically knowledgeable and experienced. But, after dealing with entrepreneurs over many years there are two skills areas that are often lacking when it comes to managing a successful business: financial management and marketing.2012/12/10 10:00:00 PM
The role of the entrepreneur as a leader role of the entrepreneur as a leaderA good entrepreneur understands that people are the most valuable asset that any institution has. So their happiness is an important cog in the wheel of success.2012/08/19 10:00:00 PM
Efficiency is everything is everythingSuccessful organisations learn from their experiences, be it good or bad. Getting it right the first time is not always the outcome, although it is the ultimate intended outcome.2012/08/05 10:00:00 PM
Rewarded for quality service for quality serviceIf there is one aspect of your business that is solely under your control is the service you provide. It is one thing getting customers or clients walking into your business but another thing to be able to generate revenue which is directly dependent on the quality of your service that you provide.2012/07/29 10:00:00 PM
How do I as entrepreneur grow my business beyond start up? do I as entrepreneur grow my business beyond start up?During start up, a company tends to be very sales driven – operations are fast paced, highly flexible and often chaotic as people experiment with new ideas, stay close to customers, and do whatever it takes to grab opportunities to increase sales.2012/05/08 10:00:00 PM
Tip: business plan red flags business plan red flagsConsider the following warning signs when considering starting or growing your business as they can be some of the reasons why a business plan could be rejected:2012/03/25 10:00:00 PM