Become a Business Partners Ltd Intermediary

Help your clients get the finance they need and earn commission (a referral fee) for your efforts.

We provide finance ranging from R500 000 to R50 million to established entrepreneurs with a viable formal business. We tailor our finance to meet the business’s unique needs and negotiate pricing and repayment terms with each client.

By becoming an intermediary, you can apply for finance on your client’s behalf or simply refer the client to us. You will receive a commission once the transaction has been concluded and the money has been disbursed to the client.

Become a Business Partners Ltd Intermediary

Help your clients get the finance they need and earn commission (a referral fee) for your business.

Step 1

Create a profile on our easy to use online platform.

Step 2

You can submit and track one or multiple applications on your client’s behalf. The application will be assigned to an investment professional.

Both you and your client will then be kept up to date on the progress of your client’s application. You can make and track multiple applications on behalf of your different clients.

Step 3

Receive your commission once the transaction is concluded and the first money disbursement is made to the client.

Get Intermediary training

Whether you are a new or existing Business Partners Ltd Intermediary, join one of our training sessions to learn more about our financing solutions and how we can help your clients.

We will give you an overview of our new financing solutions and services, which business they work best for, and how you can help your clients sail through our application process.

Click the link below to find a training time that works for you.

Frequently asked questions

To become a Business Partners Ltd intermediary, you need to register your profile on our website: click here.

Whilst there are no documents initially required to register as an intermediary, we will require documents such as your Identity Document, Company registration documents and bank confirmation details in order to process the payment of the referral fee.

No.  The relationship is based on a client referral in exchange for a referral fee on the successful approval and implementation of a funding transaction.

1. You are able to provide an alternative funding solution to your SME client. At Business Partners Ltd we provide more than just money:

  • Business owners are our exclusive focus.
  • Because we understand the experiences and challenges business owners face, we are willing to take a higher level of risk than traditional commercial financiers.
  • While we’ve provided business loans worth R23 billion in over 72 000 transactions to date, we understand that success sometimes requires more than money alone.
  • Beyond financial support, we offer a range of solutions catering to all your business needs. Providing everything from technical assistance and mentorship to property finance and business premises to lease.

2. You will have access to our professional investment team and information to guide you as you apply for finance on behalf of your network.
3. You will receive commission (a referral fee) for each approved referral.

We have a competitive referral fee structure which we communicate with our signed up intermediaries. The fee is paid to intermediaries referring successful investments which are approved and disbursed.

We aim to be as efficient as possible in giving you a response regarding your registration. You can expect to receive a response within 5 business days. The timeframe also depends on the time it takes for you to provide answers and/or additional information should it be requested.

You will receive your referral fee once the transaction is concluded, and the first money disbursement is made to the client referred.

Our website is a great source of information our products however we also host special training and information sessions for our intermediaries.

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