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About Mandla Mhlongo

Mandla Mhlongo is our In-house Graphic Designer based at our Houghton office. For all things design at Business Partners Ltd, Mandla is our go-to-guy. He is a proud father of one and enjoys taking time out to visit his son in Durban. Mandla is responsible for uploading most, if not all, the articles on the website.


No limits on finding new opportunities
Looking back on the strange turns that his life has taken, Thembekile Sikenqe can see that he could easily have found himself slowly going grey at a desk in a moderately successful corporate career. But one lucky move blew open his mind and sent him on a wild adventure of entrepreneurship which he is still living every day.Read more >
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Spotting opportunities where others see gloom
If the mark of a true entrepreneur is the ability to spot an opportunity where others only see gloom, then Wynand Hart is a champion. Picture him at the end of 1995, standing outside the weathered buildings of the Sutherlands Tannery from which he had just been retrenched as part of the liquidation of the 117-year-old company. Read more >
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Restaurant entrepreneur ready for post-pandemic bounce-back
Amid all the usual uncertainties of running one’s own business, Neelesh Harduth has found an unexpected certainty: no matter what happens in future, chances are very good that things cannot possibly be as difficult as his first two years. If his business could survive that, it will survive anything. Read more >
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Formal systems, staff relations help resilient company bounce back
A few months ago, Tshepo Mekoa was worried at the speed with which his company Brima Logistics was growing - would the intricate systems and procedures that he had set up over the last decade and a half hold under the weight of his rapid expansion? Read more >
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