About the Venture Fund

Small businesses are important innovators, continually bringing new products to the market. Yet, there is very little support and limited access to finance for small and medium entrepreneurs.

Business Partners recognises the potential benefit that innovative and high risk growth enterprises can bring to the country. It is for this reason that we have chosen to launch the Business Partners Limited Venture Fund, a fund aimed at financing high impact entrepreneurs.

Who qualifies for this fund?

  • The financing of a new product / concept or taking a new initiative to market
  • Financing of a business where job creation is substantial and will create substantial jobs due to this finance
  • Albeit more risky, Business Partners may invest in transactions where blue sky potential exists
  • A well-structured BEE transaction where wealth creation and possibly transfer of skills exists
  • A financial transaction to take an existing business to the next level, resulting in a significant increase in activities
  • Financing of businesses that will result in import replacement
  • Financing of businesses to introduce or increase exports
  • The financing of high technological projects
  • Transactions where transfer of skills are facilitated in particular to previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs

Applying for finance

To apply for finance, you will need to submit your business plan to one of our Fund advisors. Alternatively you can send your business plan to enquiries@businesspartners.co.za or deliver it to any of our offices country-wide. You are also welcome to submit a finance enquiry online and one of our investment personnel will contact you.