Our repositioning philosophy


At Business Partners, we have always believed that entrepreneurship is the most aspirational human endeavour of all. This very belief led to the establishment of our business, more than 33 years ago, to facilitate entrepreneurship through a comprehensive service offering of business finance, mentorship and business premises to Entrepreneurs in the small and medium enterprise (SME) space. We affectionately refer to Entrepreneurs as the “square pegs in a sea of round holes”, those exceptional individuals who see the world not for what it is, but for what it could be.

South Africa, and indeed much of Africa and the world, needs more Entrepreneurs – especially those who start-up, establish and grow SMEs. Research has proven that entrepreneurial SMEs are very effective at stimulating economic growth, generating wealth and creating jobs – all of which are required for us to successfully combat unemployment and poverty which afflicts much of the world.

To encourage more people to pursue entrepreneurship as a noble career, we must honour and celebrate Entrepreneurs as role-models – the true heroes of economic society who, often against all odds, generate wealth for themselves and their families and create jobs for many – and we must champion their cause.

In 2012, we undertook research which revealed that our brand image no longer reflected who we are or what we do – Enabling successful entrepreneurship. We needed to make some changes in order to succinctly and adequately communicate our brand essence and remain successful. These changes would need to come in the form of process improvements, enhancement of our service offering and the repositioning of our brand.

To this end, we are repositioning our company and launching an entrepreneurship marketing campaign with the specific intent of helping to foster and entrench a culture of entrepreneurship amongst all South Africans. We are using the repositioning exercise also present to the market a couple of SME Funds aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship.

The new Business Partners corporate identity has been deliberately designed to reaffirm our commitment to and support for entrepreneurs, the “square pegs in a sea of round holes”. It is a step in a process to reignite the flame of entrepreneurship – encouraging more people to become entrepreneurs, the most aspirational human endeavour of all.

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