Property Joint Venture Fund criteria

Size of the Fund R250 000 000
Geographical Spread (include BPI link) National
Financing Period Ideally up to 10 years.
Minimum and Maximum R500 000 to R30 000 000 for Joint Ventures
Own contribution requirements Proportionate share of the equity for Joint Venture deals only.
Entrepreneur   –     Relevant experience Not essential
Own contribution Investor’s contribution (Business Partners and entrepreneur) of equity in the investment dictates the shareholding percentage.
Application documents
  • Details of property and supporting documentation.
  • The entrepreneurs’ latest personal assets & liabilities.
Business that qualify for the fund
  • Retail, industrial, and commercial multi tenanted properties with a value from R2m to R120m.
  • Industrial leasebacks will also be considered.
  • Residential properties
  • Agricultural
  • Mines
Purpose of the funding
  • Purchase of a property that requires either equity, finance or both.
  • Refinancing of an existing property.