Property Fund criteria

Single Tenanted Units


Size of the Fund R200 million
Geographical Spread National
Financing Period 10 years (Maximum)
Minimum and Maximum R500 000 to R30 000 000
Amount Funded 100% Funding Available
Own contribution requirements Nil for the property transaction
Operating business
  • Must be in existence for 3 years
  • Have a sound profit history
  • Prove that operating business can afford the funding
Pricing Based on the perceived risk
  • Affordability
  • Viability of operating business
Application documents
  • Annual Financial Statements of underlying business
  • Details of property
  • Business plan
Business that qualify for the fund
  • Established underlying business trading for minimum of 3 years
  • Occupy more than 50% of property to be acquired.
  • Property must be a sound investment
  • Residential properties
  • Agriculture properties
Purpose of the funding
  • Purchase of business premises to be occupied by the operating business
  • Refinancing of business premises