Women in Business Fund Criteria

Size of the Fund R250 million
Geographical Spread Nationally
Financing Period 5 years
Minimum and Maximum R500 000 – R50 000 000 per investment
Own contribution requirements There is no minimum own contribution required. The gearing and other factors that affect the viability of a transaction will be taken into consideration.
Entrepreneur   –     Relevant experience Preferably 2 years’ experience in the relevant industry
Viability Assessment of financial, business and market risk
Application documents Business plan
Annual financial statements
Up to date management accounts
Cash flow forecast
CV of entrepreneur/s
Business that qualify for the fund Female owned and managed businesses that are commercially viable.Businesses should at least be 50% female owned.
Exclusions Non-viable businesses, on-lending, underground mining and primary agricultural industries
Purpose of the funding Finance for women entrepreneurs
Invest in commercially viable women-owned businesses
Facilitate the growth and expansion of women-owned businesses
Contribute towards an increase in the number of successful women entrepreneurs and inspire young females in to choose entrepreneurship
Facilitate the creation of new jobs