What you need to apply

Business Partners is a viability-based risk financing company for formal small and medium-sized businesses in South Africa, and does not have the same security requirements that commercial banks do.

Potential investments are assessed on the viability of a sound business plan and on levels of contribution that the entrepreneur may be able to offer. When considering an investment proposal, Business Partners looks principally for an entrepreneur with integrity, drive, vision and appropriate experience, as well as for a viable business plan and a marketable product or service.

All entrepreneurs requiring between R500 000 and R25 million, with a viable business plan to establish or develop a formal small or medium enterprise will be considered for investment financing. Each application is considered on its merits and on the potential profitability of the enterprise. The skills, experience and industry knowledge of the entrepreneur (or entrepreneurs), as well as the market need for the business’s products or services, are two of the most important criteria considered when assessing an application for investment financing.

We require a complete business plan to be in place before an entrepreneur can apply for investment finance from us.

We will then evaluate the business plan, and supply you with a principle decision within seven days of receiving your business plan. The principle decision is followed by negotiations, due diligence, and a submission to our investment committee.

The terms and conditions (such as interest rates, security, repayment term, own contribution, etc) of investments vary from business to business as each investment is individually structured.

What are the key factors Business Partners Limited looks for in a successful business plan?

  1. A comprehensive breakdown of what needs to be financed;
  2. The entrepreneur’s own contribution;
  3. Up-to-date financials and realistic projections that present a viable business as a going concern (if it’s an existing business);
  4. Providing the viability of the transaction, ability to meet all cash flow commitments (debt repayment, creditors and other cash expenses) and to generate a decent and acceptable return to the shareholders;
  5. Demonstrating that all aspects relating to a successful business have been considered (including human resources, marketing, finance, technical, production and corporate governance);
  6. Demonstrated regulatory compliance (tax affairs must be in order, for example);
  7. Demonstrating the ability and experience of managers and key staff to successfully implement and manage the business into the future;
  8. Basing all intentions and forecasts in the business plan on reasonable assumptions, supported with relevant documentation as far as possible;
  9. Documenting all information in the business plan. The business plan should be a single document, comprising all elements as per the guide and key factors mentioned.

A guide to writing a business plan can be found under our Knowledge hub. The business plan can be emailed to us at enquiries@businesspartners.co.za or delivered to any of our offices country-wide.

Alternatively, you are welcome to submit a finance enquiry online and one of our investment officers will contact you.