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Now is the time for a pro-SME Budget

Any measure that can boost the local economy beyond the projected 1.1% growth is at the top of the 2017 National Budget Speech wish-list for South Africa's vital small and medium enterprise (SME) sector. Coupled with the hope that there is no further political turmoil, the ideal scenario for existing and aspirational SME owners would be long-term stability within the economic cluster. This is according to Ben Bierman, Managing Director of Busi...

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Building a business from less than nothing

Some successful entrepreneurs start multi-million rand businesses with nothing but their ingenuity and determination. Hermanus van Niekerk started his with way less than nothing - almost R1 million of debt that he had no hope of paying off. Today the owner of Alberton-based Security Experts South Africa, one of the biggest independent gate and canopy installers in Gauteng, looks back on his start-up days in 2006 at the age of 46 as “no dou...