About the Property Fund

Business Partners Limited caters for the needs of the entrepreneur with a viable business who wants to purchase his or her own premises, but who has limited capital or security to contribute or who does not want to compromise the business’s cash resources for the deposit.

In most cases, conventional financiers require a cash deposit before considering financing a deal. The deposit amount depends on the risk appetite of the financier and deposits of up to 50% may be required.

Business Partners Limited however, allows the entrepreneur a choice of different financing options and can structure the deal by advancing up to 100% of the financing required.

Who qualifies for this fund?

  • Viable operating businesses that are in existence for not less than 3 years
  • Sound financial track record
  • Business must occupy not less than 50% of the property to be purchased
  • Sound, well located property purchased at a reasonable market value
  • Affordability of the finance by the operating business

Applying for finance

To apply for finance, you will need to submit your business plan to one of our Property Fund advisors. Alternatively you can send your business plan to propertyenquiries@businesspartners.co.za or deliver it to any of our offices country-wide . You are also welcome to submit a finance enquiry online  and one of our investment personnel will contact you.