About a career at Business Partners Limited

Business Partners Limited recognises that its employees, with their knowledge, skills and competencies are essential in the achievement of its vision to be a world class, added-value investor in small and medium enterprises.

The main objective for the company is to have the best people who are able to experience job satisfaction, the pride of working for a respected organisation and on-going growth and development in the working environment.

We are grounded in everyday business by our values, namely:

Business and Personal Integrity: Honesty, integrity and respect for human dignity are imbued in both our business and personal conduct.

Superior Client Service: We exist for our clients and enjoy serving them. We aim to delight our clients with our products (innovative solutions) and the quality of our service.

Economic merit: Underpins all our investment decisions, ensuring access to business finance and added value service for all communities we serve. Economic merit also underpins all our operational decisions, ensuring our long-term sustainability to deliver optimum value for clients and shareholders alike.

Entrepreneurship: Our entrepreneurial approach to doing business enables us to partner with our clients in the success of their businesses.

Appointments are made in terms of fair, transparent and equitable processes. Since its inception, the company has aspired to make equal opportunities available to all suitable candidates, regardless of race or gender. Business Partners Limited welcomes applications from candidates with disabilities and continually strives to make advertisements, recruitment and human resource management practices more accessible.

Business Partners Limited:

• Offers unique opportunities to learn and gain business experience;

• Fosters an empowering open-door policy amongst employees;

• Creates challenging and rewarding jobs;

• Is reputable and the market-leader in specialised investment for small and medium enterprises;

• Changes lives by growing businesses and building the economy of the country.

The Business Partners Limited way of doing things

It is important for us that you share a belief in the way we do things in our company. As such we have jotted down a few practices that we value:

1. A bias for action;

2. Staying close to the customer and creating internal and external customer value solutions;

3. Working in small teams, and taking ownership of our “turf” (“intrapreneurship”);

4. The best efforts of all employees are essential, executed in a caring manner, and all share in the rewards of the company’s success (“alignment of interests”);

5. All leaders are hands-on and value driven so as to be in touch;

6. Simple organisational form and lean staff with few administrative layers as well as few people at the upper levels;

7. Business people doing business with other business people – doing only what we know best. The business goal of making a difference in the development of small and medium businesses is understood by all employees. Every employee is able to explain the overall objectives of the business ;

8. Empowering open-door policy amongst employees and team leaders;

9. Challenging and rewarding customer focussed jobs. Rules, procedures, and formal methods guide work, with quantification and measurement being key parts of the work environment. An emphasis is placed on efficiency, effectiveness and smooth operations;

10. Reputation, integrity, market leader in specialised investment and advice for small and medium enterprises, and the ability to change lives by growing businesses and building the economy of the country (“social dividend”).

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is as follows: a short list will be compiled for the job opportunity and the short-listed candidates will be invited to complete a psychometric assessment (to see what this is about, please visit our service provider’s website: www.shl.com). If the results are above the cut-off scores for the specific position, the candidate will be invited for three rounds of one-on-one interviews, after which a job offer will be extended to the successful candidate (if any).

Please understand that correspondence will only be with short-listed candidates, and if you do not receive a reply from Business Partners Limited within 14 days, please consider your application unsuccessful.

To view the current positions available at Business Partners Limited, please feel free to browse our search facility on the Apply for a position page.